Thursday, 2 February 2012

Feelin' Good

It's funny how much clothing can have an impact on your mood. Look at, for example, some Rick Owens. Dark, intriguing- feeling a little morbid. As I casually browse through some images, I feel I should be sitting in a graveyard somewhere, layered in black, my held held to the moon.. a little too far. I think so too.

With a small change of heart, I take you to the above.

Colour has become one of todays fashion musts. A LBD is not suffice with black accessories and I'm loving it. In an attempt to avoid making the crime most punishable by budding fashionistas, a fashion faux pas, once a fan of all black (borrring), I am taking to colours like the man repeller has taken to layering. Mix it all up and Bob's your uncle.

And, because I feel it is becoming a tradition, a slightly stupid picture to end a colourful post (I promise I'll be actually stupid more stupid next time)

Shirt: Mink Pink, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Sergio Rossi, Clutches: Sportsgirl, Choker: Nicole Trunfio.
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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I'M BACK! I know I can't really say I'm back, when I was really never here, but I am and I am planning on continuing this practice. This blog, along with my online store, which will be launched later this month, is back to being a priority in my crazy-ass life so watch this space!

Now, back to what we are really here for!

The feather anklets. My new obsession, and, without tooting my own horn (TOOOOT), they are a DIY project. After witnessing an unveiling of sorts when I came across a similar shoe (plus a few hundred dollars) on another blog, I knew some feather strips I removed years ago off my mothers 1990's pants, which were going to the clothing bin, had finally come in handy. A couple of safety pins later and voila, my feather ankle cuffs were born.

I am also loving the floral trend seeping into fashion society, a la Proenza Schouler. Florals, once quite matronly, have gradually redeemed themselves in my mind.

And, to finally celebrate my return to the world of blogger...

Top: Bassike, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Siren, Necklace: Sass and Bide, Cuff: Vintage, Ankle Cuffs: DIY.